The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA) is a regional peace organization based in Harare, Zimbabwe, established in February 2001 and endeavours to make a contribution towards the promotion of sustainable peace, stability and security in Africa, through conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Africa is a land whose many conflicts have torn apart the continent, leading to so much suffering. If Africa is to find its legitimate place in the twenty-first century, then Africans themselves, with the support of the international community, must identify ways of preventing conflicts, in the first instance, and of resolving them when they erupt. The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa was established with the objective of making practical contributions to such efforts. The Centre works in close cooperation with the United Nations Information Centre, Harare, and other organizations that share its objectives

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The General Emmanuel Erskine Research and Documentation Centre (GERDC) was established as key project of the Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA) in 2001. The aim of CPIA was to provide up to date information to researchers and scholars wishing to contribute to the goal of achieving sustainable peace and an opportunity to analyze, understand and proffer peaceful solutions to problems which left alone might lead to conflict or war. The Centre holds a wealth of information on peacekeeping and conflict management including the United Nations documents in their original form detailing all peace missions and information from the Lessons-learnt Unit of the UN department of Peace-Keeping Operations (DPKO). The Documentation Centre also has confidential documents dating back from the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe and other African countries.

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Rev. Dr. G. Shana

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Partners and Other Cooperations

The CPIA is participating in a Youth Training Workshop in Peace Building, being hosted by Silveira House.

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