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The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA) is a regional peace organization based in Harare, Zimbabwe, established in February 2001 and endeavours to make a contribution towards the promotion of sustainable peace, stability and security in Africa, through conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Africa is a land whose many conflicts have torn apart that continent, leading to so much suffering. If Africa is to find its legitimate place in the twenty-first century, then Africans themselves, with the support of the international community, must identify ways of preventing conflicts, in the first instance, and of resolving them when they erupt. The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa was established with the objective of making practical contributions to such efforts. The Centre works in close cooperation with the United Nations Information Centre, Harare, and other organizations that share its objectives.

The Center for Peace Initiatives In Africa endeavors to:

  • Promote peace, stability and security in Africa, through conflict prevention and conflict resolution, peace building and peace maintenance.
  • Promote a culture of peace continent wide.
  • Promote dialogue among all major stakeholders, leading to political stability and economic development.
  • Foster capacity building in Africa.

To that end, it will:

  • Initiate consultations with the major stakeholders
  • Engage all major stakeholders in ongoing dialogue about issues related to peace, stability and security in Africa.
  • Promote deeper understanding, by all major stakeholders of a culture of peace, its meaning and importance.
  • Provide/facilitate training of civilians for effective participation in peace operations.


CPIA envisions to be the leader in conflict prevention, management and resolution in Africa.


To contribute towards the attainment of sustainable peace, stability, and security in Africa through conflict prevention, resolution and management.


Commitment to the character ethic as a paradigm of human behavior as exemplified by among others:

  • Commitment to peace
  • Impartiality/Non partisanship
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Independence
  • Humility

The Centre aims to promote and optimize dialogue to achieve and consolidate
sustainable peace, stability and security in Africa.

Major issues analysed include:

  • Potential conflicts and identifying potential trouble-spots with a view to developing early warning systems, preventing conflicts in Africa and setting up peace support operations
  • The issue of HIV/AIDS as a threat to security and stability in Africa
  • The issue of demining and the control of small arms
  • The potency of the issue of land ownership patterns as a major cause of instability in Africa
  • The issues of poverty, the economy and unemployment as causative factors of conflict and political instability
  • The marginalization of ethnic minorities as human security threat in Africa
  • The creation of child soldiers: An analysis of the implications of the use of the youth to commit acts of violence in Africa.

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The Center is presided over by Board of Trustees from various parts of the world




Rev. Dr. G. Shana

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Partners and Other Cooperations

The CPIA is participating in a Youth Training Workshop in Peace Building, being hosted by Silveira House.

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