Peace and Diplomacy Training Course

09 Mar, 2013 23:17


The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa, beginning March 2013, will offer a PEACE AND DIPLOMACY course at its General Emmanuel Erskine Research and Documentation Centre (GERDC) located in the scenic Vumba Mountains, 32 km from Mutare in the Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands.

Course Description

The Course has three components namely

  • The Histories of African Conflicts

In this component the course will cover in detail Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

  • Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention in the African Context

In this component the course will look at the styles used by the United Nations, African Union and the individual African Head of States who have been called upon to assist in conflict management.

  • The African Diplomat and Diplomacy

In this component the course will look at various styles that have been used by African Diplomats in order the National interests of their countries in International Forum and Engagement

The Course aims at providing participants with knowledge in the three components of conflict management, sharing experiences and raising awareness and developing skills in those who deal with African conflicts. In short the course aims at having people in Africa fully equipped in dealing with African conflicts and moving Africa into a period of sustainable peace and development.

Target Audience

The course is directed at diplomats, government officials, the military, police, intelligence officers, and staff of regional organizations, civil society organizations, and academics.


CPIA in 2013 will offer the course two times on the following dates:

  • 30 May 2013 to 1 June 2013
  • 29 August 2013 to 31 August 2013



The fees for the course are based on cost recovery calculation and for 2013 is $750 per course per participant. The fee covers fees for the lecturers, training manuals, full board, and travel between Harare and Vumba. It does not cover hotel accommodation in Harare, on arrival in and departure from Zimbabwe.

Course Staff

Dr Leonard T. Kapungu who served at the United Nations for more than 30 years serves as the Director of the course. He is joined by former diplomats such as Professor Hasu Patel of the University of Zimbabwe and former Zimbabwe Ambassador to Australia, Professor George Kahari former Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Germany and a woman Ambassador to be suggested later.? Dr. Mapuranga, former Assistant secretary General of the Organisation African Unity (OAU), Mr Runo Bergstrom, Former United Nations Official


The training will be conducted through an interactive workshop format. Trainees will have opportunities to interact with each other, share their knowledge, experiences, challenges and listen to each other. The emphasis is on enhancing knowledge and understanding of effective leadership styles. The training will also involve role plays, case studies and other exercises.
The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa has developed at its General Emmanuel Erskine Research and Documentation Centre imaging of African conflicts in every African country. It has presented this tool to African Embassies in Zimbabwe who have commented on it. The Centre has taken these comments and revised this tool into an effective visual methodology of presenting and discussing African conflicts.


Rev. Dr. G. Shana

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Partners and Other Cooperations

The CPIA is participating in a Youth Training Workshop in Peace Building, being hosted by Silveira House.

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