Leadership Retreat for Senior and Middle-Level Professionals 2013

09 May, 2013 14:36

The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA), based in Zimbabwe, is an African Regional Non-Governmental Organization that works for conflict prevention and conflict resolution throughout Africa to ensure sustainable peace and development. It recognizes that in order to attain these objectives Africa needs capable and focused leadership that understands what each country needs and how various institutions in each country can work together to achieve these goals. To assist in developing a cadre of such leaders CPIA holds twice a year? Leadership Retreats at which political, business and social leaders exchange views on the nature and importance of leadership in organizations, institutions and countries and discuss some contemporary perspectives on leadership.in all aspects of society.

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Rev. Dr. G. Shana

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Partners and Other Cooperations

The CPIA is participating in a Youth Training Workshop in Peace Building, being hosted by Silveira House.

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