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01 Mar, 2017 02:47


The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa through its Research and Training Division, the General Emmanuel Erskine Research and Documentation Centre holds series of workshops in Leadership to which it invites young people who have shown a capacity for leadership.  An observation of the background of leaders in the Politics and Business structures in Zimbabwe leads one to a conclusion that most leaders in Zimbabwe were once School Prefects or Youth representatives in School universities and Churches they attended. Therefore GERDC has concluded that Prefects in a number of Schools are young people who have demonstrated the leadership capacity that could be the basis on which future leadership could be built on. As a result GERDC is inviting, Youths from different organisations  to the workshop to examine the following:

i)    Transitioning to Leadership

This Programme examines the complex role of a leader as a person, thought leader, Problem solver, change agent, ethical leader and role model.  Through interactive, action oriented team engagement, participants will examine their strength as individual leaders, develop necessary management communication skills and spend time pulling all of the pieces together in a simulation exercise designed to put new competences into practice.

ii)    Executive Leadership

One aspect of this course would be the examination of Difference in behaviour between female and male executive leadership. What are the critical elements that make the difference between management and leaders, the factors that move a person from management to Front Office or the Executive Suite?  The primary goal is to develop professional presence and leadership skills necessary to succeed at executive level in organisations. The programme stresses that half of the participants should be women.

iii)    The  Essentials of Management

This Programme provides a foundation in leadership disciplines in a condensed format.  The course is designed to instil a broader understanding of topics in business and politics while building critical thinking skills through case studies and simulations, lectures, discussion and active exercises.

iv)    Conflict Management

The Programme will examine the role of leadership in conflict Management and as conflict intervention tool.

Participants will gain:

  • A Comprehensive Leadership Assessment
  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Process management foundations
  • Marketing and social media understanding
  • Ethical consideration
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which leadership differs from Management
  • Strengthen their communication skills
  • Develop methods to improve the dynamics and effectiveness of their teams
  • Benefit them from interaction with peer network from broad array of institutions

Participating Certificates:

Participants who attend the workshop will be presented with Certificates verifying that they  completed the leadership training course.

Training Cost:

The cost is US$150.  This will cover accommodation and meals, transport (from Harare) and training fees.


To find more about the training and other details call E. Mutama or Petronella Mapfiro on :0773 552 501/0774 107 160or visit our website : cpia.org.zw


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