National Dialogue & Reconciliation

Under this programme, the Centre creates a situation that enables conflict prevention, resolution and management through dialogue. The Centre also works towards the elimination of long-standing points of conflict and the provision of a blueprint for the social, political and economic stability. Projects under this programme include Strategic Issues, Road Map to Peace in Zimbabwe, Governance and National Recovery and Zimbabwe Beyond March 2005. National Reconciliation, Social Cohesion and Transitional Justice National Reconciliation, Social Cohesion and Transitional Justice- CPIA identified national reconciliation as cardinal in the pursuit and attainment of peace. CPIA seeks to build on the experience of the National Reconciliation programme and establish as well as operationize the Institute of Social Cohesion (ISC) aims, goals and objectives.

The objectives of this programme include integrating the national reconciliation objective/activities with those of Social Cohesion and focus on the overall goal of social cohesion, which is ?a society where all have a place?.


Regional Programme

Under this programme, the Centre identifies potential conflict situations arising from elections (this could be before, during or after) and the prevention, resolution and management of such conflicts in various countries of Africa. Projects under this programme include Management of Pre and Post Elections, Regional Reconciliation and Transitional Justice and Culture of Peace.


Research and Documentation Centre for Peace and Security

The Centre established the General Emmanuel Erskine Research and Documentation Centre for Peace and Security (GERDC) which provides a unique resource centre for materials, literature and documents pertaining to conflict prevention, resolution and management.

Situated in the scenic and beautiful Vumba Mountains, 33 Kilometres from Mutare, today the Research and Documentation Centre runs the following programmes:

  • Documentation & Information
  • Research Programme
  • Annual Lecture Series on Peace and Security
  • Photo, Audio and Visual Project
  • University/School Outreach Programmes
  • Training in Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution
  • Internship for scholars of Peace and Security and Library Studies/Sciences

The Research and Documentation Centre holds a wealth of information on peacekeeping and conflict management and UN Documents, in their original form, detailing most of the peace missions and information from the Lessons-Learned Unit of the UN Operations. The Research and Documentation Centre sponsors an Annual Lecture on Peace; encourages and supports research and maintains a network of Researchers on peace.


Compilation of African History Into Digital Form

GERDC/CPIA moved towards the digitalization and automation of the research and documentation centre.

The centre is now screening videos on history of African countries. the collection is also being used in training.


Culture of Peace & Youth Training

?Under this programme, the Centre inculcate values of peace in youths thus moving Africa from a culture of violence to a culture of tolerance. This programme also focuses on inculcating a culture of peace; fostering a network of youth peace initiatives and through an Internship programme, provides an opportunity to Youth to work at the Centre and its Research and Documentation Centre in Vumba.
Projects under this programme include Prevention of Electoral Conflicts, Regional Youth Training and Soccer and Netball Youth Peace Competitions.



Rev. Dr. G. Shana

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Partners and Other Cooperations

The CPIA is participating in a Youth Training Workshop in Peace Building, being hosted by Silveira House.

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